In 2020 La (Horde) and Ruth Mckenzie invited Graessl to participate in their week-end-long exhibition “Room with a View” at the Theatre du Chatelet. The project operated as an occupation to reflect on climate change. Graessl subsequently currated an immersive experience throughout the entire building to consider the state of the crisis today. Events included a dance workshop with Dancers of Ballet de Marseille; a DJ set by artist Vava Dudu; a photo exhibition of past strikes by collectif Give a Fuck, for which Graessl was active member off; talks hosted by Extension Rebellion; and a banner workshop inviting guests to participate and paint their message to the World. The entire project was accompanied by an experimental ongoing sound orchestra. The building was occupied with video installations and in each room, you could see what was happening in another room witnessing the energy of one another as an echo to the notion of a “room with a view.” This project allowed a window of the past to nourish the present and reflect on tomorrow.

Room With a View with (La) Horde
Theatre du Chatelet
MARCH 2020
Installation & Workshop