In her work, Graessl constructs places of communion between her audience and the natural world. Through performance installations and sculptural interventions she incorporates flowers, smoke, burning candles and wax to explore the bounds of the elements—earth, air, fire, water. More specifically, she exposes the points in which they bleed into one another—when the magmatic flow of wax is reminiscent of water or when smoke refines sunlight’s glare.

For The Fairest’s Teaser 3: The Rite to Transform, in March, Graessl presented Love Sex Dreams - We tear and bleed together (2022), a performative altar in which visitors were invited to participate with physical and ethereal offerings. The work became a gathering place to set intentions and exchange ideas on the power of dreams and faith. Following the performance, Graessl took the physical remnants, the glass plates with melted candles and encapsulated ornaments, and made her own offering by performing personal rituals while painting with wax.  

She subsequently immortalized the altars and the embedded energy by encasing them in aquatic resin creating a Chromatic & chimerical overlapping Landscape 

 Presented at The Fairest 01: Open Your Eyes Again on a TV mount, the work is a further meditation on what she views as a divide between what the media represents today and the role of art in promoting conversations around possibilities and belief.

Open your Eyes Again