Conceived as three families of amulets, the collection consists of one of a kind hand-stitched wearable medicine bag sculptures forming a protective trinity in relation to natural elements, their power and ourselves. VK Lillie, a mother and daughter collaboration between Vanessa & Kira Lillie welcome Pandora Graessl’s universe to collaborate and infuse her vision into the brand.  These pieces represent an intergenerational sharing of wisdom grounded in the idea of sacredness and protection.

The project started in Mexico with Pandora sourcing, dying and etching leathers and composing three worlds of beads and crystals that form the basis of the three families:  

the earth’s core, phantasmagoric spirits, and interstellar universes.

The central component of this collection is Obsidian, a strongly protective stone that is a truth-enhancing guide for grounding us in the present. The stones were hand picked by Kira from Mono Lac, the oldest lake in North America and intentionally placed within the leather.

The pieces were completed in the desert of Joshua Tree, where Kira and Pandora connected the different elements with industrial rings and sourced vintage chains or leather chokers, exploring the hybridity between materials and form.

At the heart of this collection is a striving for a future which draws upon ancient sources of knowledge to maintain a profound relationship with the earth and all beings. Its title reminds us to always reach for new dawns while honoring the past.

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Guardians of the Dawn
World Wide