Before the two kinds of Eros, Masculine and Feminine, they were three, together, with the Androgynous.

In the Golden Age, the human figure was round, with two heads, four arms, two sexes and four legs. The male was born from the Sun, the woman from the earth and the androgyne from the Moon.

In this form, humans moved by rolling, challenging the gods for vigor and greatness.

Despite the insolence that distinguished them, the gods could not afford to destroy these creatures because they were offering many sacrifices, nor could they overlook their temperament, because they challenged their omnipotence.

So the gods decide to curse them, dividing them into two.

From that moment the halves of human beings constantly long for their original shape

In vanity of their act, human began to die not concerned about hunger, thirst and necessary activities for survival

One day Zeus, moved by all that doom, decided to give them the satiety given by the union of the genitals. Whether they were females and females, males and males or females and males, the union of their genitals brought them satisfaction

and Human beings returned to work to insure their survival

In that moment, the myth of Eros was born : an ancient force that would push the halves of humans to return again a unique and perfect creature so virtuous to defy the Gods

Varon Campaign _ BIRTH OF EROS
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