Mexico City, January 29th, 2023

Chic by Accident hosted a dinner elaborated by INCORP.
Thirteen guests gathered around a feast which blossomed into an artistic inquiry.
INCORP explores how a dinner can become a work of aesthetics, how food becomes a tool for art, how guests enlightened by a kinesthetic experience are performers. The reminiscence of the diner turned into an installation at the gallery for Zona Maco & what guest


could see, feel and hear was the evidence of this moment in time. A canvas of human and organic prints.
With the participation of : Kira Lillie, Pandora Graessl, Martin Michaelis, Sarah Grierson-Dale, Egon Elliut, & Arturo the Flutist

INCORP is a international team of creatives working locally with artists, performers, musicians, chefs, and healers, celebrating food, the living, and the sharing.

Bien Servido
Mexico City
Diner Performance & Installation